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6 years warranty

6 years warranty

LEDPOWER® guarantees its LEDTUBES® for 6 years.

Made in France

Made in France

LEDPOWER®, the first French LED lighting brand.

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Thanks to LEDPOWER® advanced technology, replacing fluo tubes by T8 Ledtubes allows our clients to save up to 55% on energy consumption. LEDTUBE® guarantees maximum brightness without any harmful Infrared or Ultraviolet emissions. Our LEDTUBE® last 5 times longer than traditional fluorescent tubes so our customers make genuine savings on replacements and maintenance.

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LED Tube T8
LED Tube T8
LED Tube T8
LED Tube T8
0.6m / 0.9m / 1.2m / 1.5m

Product benefits

  • Low energy consumption
  • Improved luminance
  • 85 to 93 CRI (Color Rending Index)
  • Low maintenance and a 6 year guarantee
  • Instant ignition
  • Carbon Footprint reduction
  • 95% Recyclable
  • Reduced Fire Hazard
  • No Risk of Electric Shock
  • No flicker or stroboscopic effects
  • Repetitive Peak Voltage performance
  • 100% traceability of all components
  • Increased product Life and brightness in cold environments
  • Visual comfort, reduced fatigue


The LEDTUBE® is guaranteed for 6 years, i.e. about 50,000h of continual working hours in 25°C (under normal conditions of use), according to the LM70 standard.

The guarantee doesn’t apply in the following cases:

  • Supply voltage is other than 230 V AC.
  • The product is dropped or falls.
  • Incorrect wiring.
  • In all other cases of the product not being used in conformity with the user manual and generally accepted guidelines.

Product features

  • IRC 85 to 93
  • 100lm/W led
  • Color temperature standards:
    4000 ° K – 4700 °K – 5600 °K – 6500 °K
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Striped clear or frosted cover
  • No Infrared or Ultraviolet emissions
  • Use of product in temperatures: -40°C à +45°C
  • IP40 - IK08
  • Tube wattage: 0.60m 10W / 0.90m 15W / 1.20m 20W / 1.50m 30W
  • Voltage: 230V AC - 50~60 HZ

Areas of application

Product Use: 
Industrial Sites